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The Washington Rural Health Association’s mission is to collaboratively strengthen and improve the health of rural communities.

The Washington Rural Health Association was formed in 1988, an outgrowth of the developing vision of many individuals and organizations who recognized the value of uniting to support rural health care throughout the state of Washington. 

The Washington Rural Health Association recognizes that rural areas are unique and differ from urban areas in their geography, population mix and density, economics, lifestyle, values, and social organizations. Rural people and communities require programming and advocacy that responds to their unique characteristics and needs.

Through discussion and exploration, the WRHA works to create a clear understanding of rural health care in Washington, its needs and effective ways to meet these needs. 


WAMI State Health COVID Resources:


  • Alaska State      Department of Health
  • Idaho State Department of Health
  • Montana State Department of Health
  • Oregon State Department of Health
  • Washington State Department of Health
  • Wyoming State Department of Health



COVID-19 Resources


  • CDC Situation Summary
  • Apple Health Billing
  • State Department Travel Information
  •  Homeland Security Resources
  • World Health Organization
  •  EPA Disinfectant List    



The Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security Act (H.R. 748)



Entities must immediately begin tracking their COVID-19 related expenses and lost revenues so that future reimbursement is possible. Increased grant funding for existing programs may be available by applying using existing forms and processes. Know what is available, and how you may obtain needed assistance.